Pastor Hugh

Pastor Hugh

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January 22, 2024

Long ago, there was a village, and at the gate of the village sat the village elder. He served as a sort of judge, settling disputes, hearing stories, and offering advice when asked. One morning, there was a large caravan heading their way. They saw the dust first, and then slowly across the desert they saw a string of camels and wagons and people headed their way. Eventually…

Pastor Hugh

Mennonite with a southern accent

November 9, 2023

In September, I was part of a tour hosted by Mennonite Central Committee Central States, where we spent time learning from the Mennonites in Oklahoma who are Cheyene. It was a lovely trip, and if we were sitting down across from each other, I would love to talk about it for ages. But the thing that has stuck with me, and the point of this letter, is how…