Southern Peace and Justice Center

We are an inclusive and affirming church in Jackson, MS, building a center to combat systemic injustices.

Open Door was founded in the aftermath of the Civil Rights Movement, with the deliberate intention of being multi-racial and diverse in a historic Peace Church denomination. Our history is rich and deep. In this current moment, there is significant interest nationally around learning from the legacy of the Civil Rights movement and fostering social justice.

The Peace and Justice Center of the Deep South is being birthed to create systemic justice in four pervasive areas.

We are raising funds to rehab an existing building on our campus to be used in exciting new ways.

  • Partnering with existing community services whose priorities align with our core mission
  • Providing space for community gardening, after-school programs, adult day care, a mental health clinic, community meals and activities
  • Providing incubation space for fledgling church plants, community service organization and non-profits
  • Developing a hospitality center that provides overnight and cooking accommodations for service learning trips, linking them to Jackson Civil Rights tours and local leaders for contextual learning
  • Creating an immersive service learning experience in the community with guided classes at PJC

Open Door has a role to play in healing the world as a site for education, service, and hospitality. You can be part of this change by donating today!