Horace McMillon has served as the pastor of Open Door Mennonite Church since 2005. He and Monique, his bride of 19 years have two teenaged children. Prior to their move to Jackson, Horace served as Associate Pastor of the Community Mennonite Church in Markham, Illinois.

He is the author of “No Mo’Broke: Seven Keys to Success from a Christian Perspective.” Horace earned a Master of Arts from Chicago Theological Seminary and holds a Doctor of Ministry from Oval Bible College.




Hugh Hollowell Jr was called by Open Door Mennonite Church in 2018 to be its Community Pastor, where he helps Open Door engage its neighbors and the larger world. He and his wife Renee live in the Fondren neighborhood of Jackson where they co-parent three cats and four chickens. Prior to moving to Jackson, he was the founder and pastor of Love Wins Ministries, a congregation made up of people experiencing homelessness in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Hugh came to be a Mennonite in adulthood, lured in by hospitality, peacemaking, and potluck dinners. He is an active writer and speaker on issues of race, justice, and poverty, with his work being featured in places like The Washington Post and Sojourners.